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Simply Amazing Estate Sales is a full service company that can help you sell your personal and/or business property. Below you will learn all the facts and why you can trust our company.

We are bonded, insured & experienced. We offer many services and several services that no one else in this area are able to provide to help get the most for the items we sell for you!  We have a very large customer base, email list & very large website following.


Estate Sales are performed for several reasons. A family member’s passing, downsizing to a retirement center or nursing home, moving, etc. The number one reason for Estate Sales are due to a death in the family. The scope of the process is usually overwhelming to the survivors. As long as you are in possession of the entire estate of items (usually a lifetime’s collection worthy of selling to collectors, dealers & Estate Sale Shoppers then you are totally within your ethical rights to have an Estate Sale.

Typical Estate Sales run 1 to 3 days usually with price reductions toward the end of the sale. When the survivors of the deceased cannot agree to the disposition of tangible property, a court may order those goods to be sold in and Estate Sale or Estate Auction with the proceeds to be divided between the survivors. Such a sale and division may also be mandated in the will of the deceased.

Many people think that “all of the good stuff will be gone” by the time an Estate Sale is held. This is simply not true. While some family members may hold back the occasional family photos, personal papers or certain collections, the family usually doesn’t have a need for anything more in their lives nor their homes. That leaves us in charge of redistributing many years of the inheritance, years of hoarding and collecting. What comes out of these homes astound most people on the outside of the liquidation. The fact is that some of the most expensive and sought after things in auction houses came from the exact same situation and homes that these sales are given inside of.

As estate liquidators, we have uncovered such things as rare gun collections, gold jewelry and coins, jewelry, collections, art and so much more. Not everything is a treasure, but most homes hold some if not many special treats to excite any collector. Some homes are just loaded full. On the other end of the spectrum, people that attend Estate Sales are also in need of everyday items that they know can be obtained at a bargain so in most cases not much will be left after the sale is over. Hiring a professional will give them the task of identifying, organizing, pricing and/or selling items that can be time-consuming and emotionally difficult.

An ethical estate liquidator doesn’t pre-purchase from their own sales and would never think of taking the cream from the crop. The excitement and privilege of their return customers ensures those clients get the first choice of fine collectibles and rare antiquities, keeping them loyal and coming back for many years to come. When you attend one of our estate sales, you see exactly what the people had when they left the home.

Many people think that only the wealthy have estate sales. This also is not the case. Many middle and lower class families have collectible items that cost little or nothing to purchase initially such as premiums given away by merchants, sales samples, advertising pieces, and sports cards given with purchase of cigarettes, gum, and such. Many ephemera pieces and early tin pieces were inherited with family hand me downs, so many items of value are in farms, homes with little worth, and with very poor people. Estate sales of the rich are hardly the norm for most liquidators.

Many also think that you must have antiques to have an Estate Sale. There are many sales where there are few if any collectibles that still do very well. The fact is, if an item is needed for day to day living, it can be re-distributed and sold at a profit above donating, giving or throwing into a landfill.

Should you choose us to liquidate your Estate, please, do us or whomever you choose a favor and “leave it” alone. Be sure not to clean, throw, sort, or rid the house of ANYTHING prior to calling us to empty the house. Too many times the idea of “cleaning” is an estate liquidator’s idea of stripping and wrecking the chance of a virgin estate to the public. You would be amazed at how much items you would normally have just tossed into the garbage will bring. We are professionals and can likely decide and sort, clean and merchandise this area for you with no burden on the family’s part. We understand that most individuals are understandably apprehensive about having their homes (of the home of a loved one) open to the public. Our clients have our assurance that the items they desire to sell will be liquidated in an efficient, professional and worry-free manner.

Simply Amazing can perform many services that most others in our area cannot. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We have many years of experience and call on others with more expertise to assist us in devising the right price of the property. We also offer a full accounting of the items sold during the sale. Every item sold is documented. We also work with reputable Real Estate companies if the home needs to be sold as well or the home can also be put up for auction.

Whether you are in the process of settling an estate, downsizing or moving from your home, A Simply Amazing Estate Sale + Consignment will help you every step of the way.

We are an all-inclusive solution to your relocation and liquidation needs. Our Michigan based services include estate sales, consignments and auctioneering.

“One call does it all!”

Our skilled team is here to help you with the highest degree of compassion, honesty and diligence during this transition.

It is our goal to uphold the industry’s highest standards while giving you very personalized service.

You can customize our services to meet your individual needs by:

  • Utilizing one or all of the services that we have to offer.
  • Setting your own timelines.
  • Working remotely from your home.

Let the Simply Amazing team relieve you of the burden of searching for multiple companies, the uncertainties of knowing who you are dealing with and give you the security of knowing you are being assisted by your own professional customized team.

Our services include the following:

  • Research, appraise, price and stage items in the estate for sale.
  • Provide an on-site online auction if needed.
  • Consign or broker antique pieces or valuable items to maximize your cash return. *
  • Provide folding tables and locking display cases for valuables.
  • Staff the sale with trustworthy help including a security guard if needed.
  • Advertise and promote the sale with street signs, newspaper ads, direct mail, website postings and our subscriber emails.
  • Control access in and around home during the sale, limit entry when necessary.
  • Accept cash, credit cards and collect sales tax if necessary.
  • Create a spread sheet from the receipts of the sale for proper accounting.
  • Provide a delivery service for local purchases.
  • Coordinate any charity donations or rubbish hauling after the sale.
  • Arrange for house cleaning, “sweep and paint” or any home restorations needed for the final preparation of your home before its sale or leasing.
  • Auction your property if you choose us as your online auctioneer.

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